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Ayanna Witter-Johnson/Gigs /When Dreams Come True – LSO St. Luke’s – 11.01.14


When Dreams Come True – LSO St. Luke’s – 11.01.14

The LSO Soundhub Showcase on Saturday, January 11th marked the end of my composer residency and the realization of one of my dreams – performing an arrangement of one of my songs for players from the London Symphony Orchestra. The chamber ensemble conducted by Daniel Cohen, performed to perfection the world premiere of ‘Anchor’ (Black Panther Remix) in memory of Madiba. The semi-circle of players were positioned stage left whilst I sang, played and danced with Reuben (my cello) in a circular spotlight to the left of Mr. Cohen. The vivid textures gave birth to a landscape of raw emotion that left an electric energy that was hard to describe. A mixture of pain and joy upon the reflection of what it means to live in this world and express your freedom. It really felt like the beginning of a lasting relationship with the amazing and most supporting LSO family. So thank you LSO and St. Luke’s 🙂

Written By: Ayanna Witter-Johnson