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Ayanna Witter-Johnson/Event Reports /On set at Whiskey Mist for my SBTV A64 Shoot


On set at Whiskey Mist for my SBTV A64 Shoot

11.03.14 – So the day finally arrived for my much anticipated SBTV A64 Shoot. I’d been working on this piece for months! Literally! Since the end of last year. The dream team were all assembled bright and early at Whiskey Mist, I didn’t know anyone before but we were all taking selfies by the end, so safe to say that we had an amazing time. I recorded two songs – 1. A special SBTV remix of ‘A Single Sun’ from my Black Panther EP & 2. A mashup of Pompeii and Golden 🙂 The incredible team at Roland, loaned me a V-Piano for the shoot and it is the goddess of electric pianos. Soooo good to play, so I can’t thank them enough. Watch this space, the final result will be uploaded soon…..

Written By: Ayanna Witter-Johnson

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